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The team at QUEST can help you make your move to Australia.

Australia is a great place to do business and is the third most popular country for South Africans to immigrate.  Immigrants wanting to start a business or invest in Australia can do so with the right visa.

All business migrants to Australia need to meet certain selection criteria including:

(i) Potential Migrants having operated their own business in their country of origin, or at least have held senior management positions; and

(ii) A minimum investment of $500,000 is made into an Australian business. State governments do offer sponsored visa programs which effectively halve this investment commitment to $250,000, with the condition that applicants must settle and operate a business in the sponsoring state. This sponsorship program suits smaller business business sales within Regional Australia.


 Common Visas for Business Migrants to Australia


  1. Subclass 132 – Business Talent (Permanent) Visa
  2. Subclass 188 – Business Innovation & Investment Visa
  3. Subclass 888 Visa – business innovation and investment (Permanent)




  • Sunshine
  • Seek
  • Business Sale
  • Reig
  • Aibb
  • Circel