Thinking About Selling Your Business?

Quest Business Brokers are revolutionising how business are sold in Australia. We do not earn our revenue from advertising. We sell businesses. As a Quest Client, all promotion of your business is at our expense.

The services we offer to Business Owners who wish to sell their businesses are :

  • Familiarise the business owner with the sales process
  • Conduct a current Appraisal of the Business to advise on the “market worth” of the business
  • Market the business to attract “qualified” prospects (buyers)
  • Protect the confidential aspect of your business through early pre-qualification of prospects
  • Facilitate negotiations between the business owner and the prospective purchaser, communicate with professional advisers ie lawyers, accountants and financial advisers etc, to provide an unbiased input into the entire buying/selling process

Request a private conference or call one of our senior advisers to discuss your
situation and options today.

We look forward to making the sale of your business a success.



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